Nest building progress

The great tit lady was also busy expanding the nest today. A comparison between this morning and this late afternoon shows a clear progress. If things continue like this and the neighbouring thieving tit doesn’t steal the nesting material again, the first fluff should soon land in the nest. From then on, the great tit […]

More hedgehogs back from hibernation

Spring is just around the corner and the hedgehogs are starting to make their presence felt.After the first hedgehog came back from hibernation just under a week ago, two more hedgehogs appeared yesterday evening and during the night, having finished their hibernation.For a short time two of the hedgehogs sat in feeder 2 and ate. […]

Nest building has begun

Last weekend, the great tit had already shown the first signs of nest-building, which were then not continued. And this despite the fact that the weather was actually very nice.Ok. But this afternoon it suddenly continued. Within a short time, the nest box was filled with the finest moss from our lawn.Let’s hope that she […]

Fight for the nesting box

Spring is on its way and the bird world is looking for suitable nesting sites.The so-called cavity-nesting birds, which typically include tits, nuthatches and starlings, are also looking for good opportunities to raise their chicks. Many of them therefore gladly accept nesting boxes provided by people.One of my nest boxes, originally designed for titmice and […]

The 2023 season begins

It’s been a long time since you’ve read anything from me here on the blog. But with the start of the new season, there will be more to read here again.It’s only mid-March, but you can already see how nature is awakening from its hibernation. The first early-flowering plants are poking their heads out of […]

Garden dormouse visiting the squirrel box

For a few days now, the garden dormouse has been appearing at night in the squirrel’s box.While the box was still empty at the beginning of the visits, a few days ago I had padded the inside of the hutch again with wood wool, kapok wool and organic cotton wool.Although the padding is more intended […]

We’re off then!

As suspected, today was the big day for the little great tits.In the late morning there was no stopping them and the call of the big wide world became louder and louder.And so, at 11:18 am, the first chick dared to take the plunge into a new phase of its life.Within a short time, the […]

Last night in the nest box?

Will tonight be the last night in the nest box for the little great tits?The little ones have been flapping their wings wildly in the box all day.They are also already jumping to the hole and observing the world outside.I think tomorrow morning the young great tits might leave the nest box and fly out […]

The excursion is getting closer

It’s getting tighter and tighter in the nest box.The little chicks now clearly look like little great tits. But somehow the little ones can’t separate themselves from their nest hole.All eight are still squatting like sardines in the little hole. And that, when they would have a whole 225cm² of living space at their disposal.I […]

No news are good news

There are no news to report from the great tit nesting box. And that is good.It means that since the last incident with the chick that was thrown out of the nest, no further complications have occurred.In the meantime, the great tit parents have also discovered the buffalo worms I offered them and are feeding […]