Small photo gallery

I used today’s day every now and then to run outside with my camera and cell phone as soon as I noticed that Zausel, Foxi or Surfer Girl was running around in the garden. Who are these three? The three squirrels who are currently visiting me in my garden every day. And of course there […]

The little tree goblins

Yesterday there was a lot of parakeet and starling content, today the small, lively red-brown tree goblins with the pimples on their ears. An almost 15 minutes long video with the squirrels at my feeding place. All excerpts are from today. And I have not even included all visits in the video. If you watch […]

Black-green at the feeding place

No, the title should not describe the outcome of the next election, but rather the colors prevailing today at the feeding place. Black stands for the starling gang that has been plundering my feeding place for days and green stands for the collar-sittche that were there in greater numbers today. I have the feeling that […]

The hedgehog in hibernation

Slowly it is getting closer to winter and the attentive observer of the hedgehog camera on my website will surely have noticed. The visits of the hedgehogs at the feeding place are getting rarer and rarer. The reason for this is that the hedgehogs are going into hibernation, or some of them are even already […]

What do hedgehogs in care do?

As some of you may remember, this year I had two hedgehog problem children whom I had to put into professional medical care due to injuries that were probably caused by lawn trimmers (brushcutters).I am sure you have already asked yourselves what has become of the two hedgehogs in the meantime.First of all, the hedgehogs […]

Unsuccessful jump

Sometimes things turn out differently than planned. Especially if the planning was faulty 🙂This is probably what happened to the squirrel. Everything was planned and prepared down to the smallest detail. Sneaking up from below, stealing a nut from the box and then quickly pushing it upwards.But one little thing must have been forgotten in […]

Invasion at the feeding place

I always wonder why at my feeding place the food columns and the dumpling holder have been eaten up so quickly lately. So today I had a look at the recordings of the static camera. Uhh, ok. The video explains a lot. First the starlings and then later the goldfinch. There two quarrelsome bird species […]

Little dirty pig

They are and will remain little dirty pigs, our cute hedgehogs. So we are happy that the newer of the two hedgehog houses is finally being visited… And what do you get as a thank you?A business card of the somewhat stinking kind.Or is it an expression of how well the Hedgehog House has been […]

Boahh, I am bored

Do you know that too?The weather is wet, cold and cloudy and does not invite you to garden. The best friend is the sofa and you don’t feel like doing anything. A typical rotten Sunday.And even in the animal kingdom today seems to be a day when you don’t feel like doing anything. The great […]