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On this page I provide further information about “Nesting box Cologne Lindweiler”. Here you will find e.g. reports on the development of the nesting boxes, the squirrel house or the hedgehog sleeping house.
In another section frequently asked questions are answered and at the end I have a list with interesting links around the topic of this website.
If you miss some more information, please feel free to contact me.

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Here you can find further pages about the nesting box camera, nesting box construction and about nature and nature conservation. If you know another interesting site that should be mentioned here or your own website fits to this topic, feel free to contact me.

Live Streams und Web Cams ⇒ Livestreams nesting boxes and a feeding house from the beautiful Siegerland. Qualitatively very great and operated with a lot of commitment ⇒ Insights into a Erkrath titmouse nesting box ⇒ A Blue Tit Nesting Box Live ⇒ a lot of nesting box and bird feeder webcams ⇒ Nesting boxes with webcam in Wildeshausen ⇒ Vogelgarten-Heist (Nesting Boxes and Feeding Place) ⇒ Kaufmanns nesting box time (tits and starling) ⇒ Nesting box camera and more……… ⇒ various livestreams of feeding places and nesting boxes ⇒ Nesting box TV of a day care center in the Elbe valley district ⇒ The Bumblebee Forum (with live streams from bumblebee boxes) ⇒ 2 great webcams of the czech animal rescue station Makov. At the feeding place there is always something going on. Even in the night ⇒ Many great live cams in Slovakia with focus on stork nests, but also falcons or a feeding place
NatureTec  ⇒ A YouTube channel from Recke (D). 5 live channels with feeding places for many different birds and at night also hedgehogs
Birds of a Feather Live Bird Cam ⇒ YouTube Channel from New Jersey (USA) with many interesting birds. Also grey and chipmunks can be seen

Onlineshops for wild animal food and accessories

Paul’s Mühle ⇒ Onlineshop for animal food & garden. My main supplier for the bird food I use
Futtermittel Palmowski ⇒ Feed, feed insects & feed animals (including buffalos)
Vivara ⇒ Vivara nature conservation products | Everything for birds & garden animals | Vivara nature conservation products

Information about nesting box construction and Co.

Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. ⇒ Here you can find building instructions for various nesting boxes (in german)
selber machen ⇒ This is the building instruction for my hedgehog sleeping house (in german)

Further information and interesting content

Green parrots in Cologne ⇒ Some information from Robert C.Klotz about the Collared Parakeets in Cologne (in German)