• Two nesting boxes with 2 cameras each
  • 2 hedgehog houses with feeding and sleeping room and 2 cameras each
  • Feeding station with 3 cameras, one controllable with 10x zoom
  • Squirrel house with camera
  • 24/7 live with Full-HD stream

The Live Streams

A total of 13 cameras film what happens in the nesting boxes, the feeding place, the hedgehog house and the squirrel house.
Observe 24h / 7 days a week live the wild life in the garden.

At the feeding place I operate a year-round feeding. Among other things, sunflower seeds, seasonal feed mixtures, insect dumplings, apples, walnuts and hazelnuts are offered. And so visitors like titmice, blackbirds, goldfinches, spotted woodpeckers and even the collared parakeet are regularly seen.  The nuts and sunflower seeds are eaten enthusiastically by our squirrels. With 3 cameras, the events are recorded and broadcast live here.

A little tip: On the website of Alexander Fuhr there are also great insights into the nesting box, bird house and hedgehog house. Have a look at Nistkasten Livestream

Static Camera


Static camera at feeding place floor


Interactive Camera (PTZ)


PTZ camera control

The PTZ camera is controlled on a dedicated page. This is necessary to reduce the traffic on my line and to the PTZ camera. You can find explanations and help on how to control the PTZ camera there.

Icons in the player

Hedgehog Feeding House 1


Hedgehog Feeding House 2


See what has been going on at the feeding place in the last 12 hours?

Then look at my YouTube channel Nistkasten Lindweiler.
There are also all 4 streams with active recorder function. You can rewind up to 12 hours in the stream.
If you subscribe to the channel and activate the bell, you will always be informed about new videos and content.

Since the season of the titmice for nest-construction and breeding of the birds usually goes from March until June/July, nothing is to be seen in the nesting box in the remaining time. In order not to cause unnecessary power consumption and data volume, the nesting box is therefore offline outside the season. As soon as something happens in the nesting box, it will go back online.

A little tip: On the website of Alexander Fuhr there are also great insights into the nesting box, birdhouse and hedgehog house. At the moment, a great tit spends the night in one of his nesting boxes every day. Just have a look at Nistkasten Livestream

Blackbird's nest

Nesting box 1 from above

Nesting box 1 from the side

Klima im Nistkasten am 13.07.2023 um 06:50 Uhr: Temp.: 20.5 °C , Luftf.: 77 %

Nesting box 2 from above

Nesting box 2 from the side

Klima im Nistkasten am 13.07.2023 um 06:50 Uhr: Temp.: 20.8 °C , Luftf.: 52 %

The hedgehog hibernation house is more or less a Big Brother house with hedgehogs.

The hedgehog house 1 has meanwhile attracted the attention of the hedgehogs again. Therefore, Hedgehog House 1 is now online again.
If something happens in hedgehog house 2, this house will also be back online. At the moment, however, there is a yawning void (except for a few small animals with 8 legs 🕷️).

A little tip: On Alexander Fuhr’s website you can also find great insights into the nesting box, bird house and hedgehog house. Have a look at Nistkasten Livestream

Hedgehog house 1 entrance area

Hedgehog house 1 feeding room

Hedgehog house 1 bedroom

Icons in the player

Hedgehog house 2 feeding room

Hedgehog house 2 bedroom

Quelle: "Kerstin Hinze"

The garden dormouse

The garden dormouse is a rodent and belongs to the dormouse family, which also includes the European edible dormouse and the hazel dormouse. The scientific name of the garden dormouse is Eliomys quercinus.
It is often confused with the European edible dormouse, but the garden dormouse can be easily recognised by its dark “Zorro mask” around the eyes.
The garden dormouse is found exclusively in Europe and is also at home in large parts of Germany.
The garden dormouse is nocturnal and hibernates from October / November to March / April.
Unfortunately, the population of the little “Zorro mouse” has been declining for years and it is already considered extinct in many regions. Therefore, a few years ago, BUND, the Justus Liebig University of Giessen and the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research launched the project “Tracing Garden Dormice“. The project has set itself the task of researching the causes of the decline and thus taking measures to preserve the garden dormouse. An important point is the recording of the population. For this purpose, every citizen can report his or her garden dormouse sightings on the project website. Of course, I have reported the sightings in my garden on the website.

Since 2020, a small population of a few animals has settled in my garden. To support this cute little animal, I have now built a hutch for the garden dormouse.
With a little luck, we will have the opportunity to observe the little dormouse here.

Garden Doormouse 1

Garden Doormouse 2

Originally, I had the hutch hanging in a pasture near the feeding area. There, however, the visits by squirrels were very rare. I had the assumption that the Kobel simply hung too close to the feeding place and therefore the squirrels had not considered the Kobel as safe.

Thereupon I, after I had procured a 10m long rope as an ascent assistance, installed the Kobel with me at the house under the eaves. But also here the visits in the Kobel by squirrels remained rather the exception. 
Tit and starling visited the hutch regularly, but the squirrels only found their way to the hutch when I had laid a trail of walnuts. After that, the hutch was no longer of interest. 

So in the winter of 2021, I again decided to hang the hutch back in the pasture, but this time a little farther away from the feeding area.
As daily squirrels flit through the pasture, they will inevitably come across the hob. The one or other short visit there was also already. 
Maybe we are now lucky and one of the squirrels here in the garden takes the Kobel at the new place as a bedroom.

Am 13.07.2023 um 06:50 Uhr betrug die Temperatur im Eichhörnchenkobel null °C

On this page I have summarized all live streams that are currently online and where action is expected. What you can see here will be adjusted if necessary.

Feeding Place static camera

Feeding Place interactive camera (PTZ)

static camera at feeding place ground

Bird feeder house

Hedgehog Feeding House 1

Hedgehog Feeding House 2

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