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Clumsy or inexperienced?

Today a small update from the great tit nest box.
For a few days now, the titmouse has been spending the night in its nest in the nest box. However, so far I have not been able to discover any eggs in the nest.
Until yesterday evening. When I looked at the pictures, I was a little surprised that there seemed to be an egg outside the nest cavity.
On closer inspection I discovered the reason. The egg is unfortunately damaged at the head end and has a large hole.
So no chick will be able to hatch from this egg.
But how could this happen? Was the tit simply too clumsy when digging in the nest because it is perhaps still inexperienced?
In retrospect it is impossible to say.
I only hope that she will be a bit more skilful with the next clutch of eggs.
However, I have not yet been able to discover another egg in the nest.
I will keep you up to date here.


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