• Two nesting boxes with 2 cameras each
  • 2 hedgehog houses with feeding and sleeping room and 2 cameras each
  • Feeding station with 3 cameras, one controllable with 10x zoom
  • Squirrel house with camera
  • 24/7 live with Full-HD stream

Zausel, the brave

You know Zausel, the brave squirrel male, who picks up his walnuts now and then from me personally. Up to now the whole thing was limited to getting the nut out of my hand as much as possible when I held it close to the ground.
But today Zausel has grown beyond himself. I had tried it every now and then, what happens if I hold the nut a bit higher. But so far he was never really comfortable with that.
Today I tried it again. I sat on the garden chair and held the first nut at the height of my shin. Behold, the front paws were already on my foot to reach the nut. Therefore there was a direct increase at the 2nd visit. Nut at knee height. And see there, also the shinbone was no problem to get the desired walnut. 3. visit was the highlight. I was sitting on the chair, looking through the viewfinder of the camera towards the feeding place, when I suddenly noticed something climbing up my right leg. And who was sitting there on my knee and looked at me with the typical faithful look, asking for a nut?Der Zausel. In his eyes it was literally written “Here I am, now give me a nut” ?
So much courage had to be rewarded, of course. ?


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