What does the project actually cost?

You might have asked yourself what all this fun with a website, cameras, birdseed etc. costs.

Therefore I will give you a small overview of what this hobby costs me. This list is not exact to the cent and certainly not 100% complete. But I will cover the costs as good as I can.
But for a rough overview this should be enough.

running costs

Type of costs



Electricity costs -> 14 cameras, network technology, technology in the nesting boxes

and the Kobel (light, temperature, humidity) and Streaming technique

(3x Raspberry Pi 3+)

~ 15.- Euro

(Consumption of approx.

55 kWh / month)

~ 180.- Euro

(Consumption of approx.

660 kWh / year)

Website -> hosting rent, domain, license fees for web tools etc.

~ 15.- Euro

~ 180.- Euro

Food -> Bird food like seeds, titmouse dumplings etc., Hedgehog food (cat food)

~ 45.- Euro

~ 540.- Euro


~ 75.- Euro

~ 900.- Euro

Material costs

Total costs for two identical nesting boxes:  ~ 890.- Euro

Squirrel house: ~ 374.- Euro

Total costs for two identical hedgehog sleeping houses: ~ 472.- Euro

Total costs for two identical hedgehog feeding houses: ~ 120 Euro

approximate cost of the feeding place (without hedgehog feeding houses): ~ 674 Euro

Costs of further technical equipment: ~ 363 Euro

Total material costs: 2.893.- Euro