• Two nesting boxes with 2 cameras each
  • 2 hedgehog houses with feeding and sleeping room and 2 cameras each
  • Feeding station with 3 cameras, one controllable with 10x zoom
  • Squirrel house with camera
  • 24/7 live with Full-HD stream

Fight for the nesting box

Spring is on its way and the bird world is looking for suitable nesting sites.
The so-called cavity-nesting birds, which typically include tits, nuthatches and starlings, are also looking for good opportunities to raise their chicks.

Many of them therefore gladly accept nesting boxes provided by people.
One of my nest boxes, originally designed for titmice and equipped with camera technology, I have therefore recently “extended” a little so that it can also offer enough space for a young starling family.
This conversion did not go undetected for long and seems to have increased the attractiveness of this property enormously.
As a result, there is now more than one interested visitor to this home.
But the decision on who gets to move into the flat in the end is made by the birds among themselves. So things can get a bit rough at times.
But don’t worry, in the end all parties are unhurt.

In any case, I am very curious to see whether this year, in addition to the titmouse brood, we might also be able to get up close and personal with the starlings and their young.


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