• Two nesting boxes with 2 cameras each
  • 2 hedgehog houses with feeding and sleeping room and 2 cameras each
  • Feeding station with 3 cameras, one controllable with 10x zoom
  • Squirrel house with camera
  • 24/7 live with Full-HD stream

Illegal waste disposal and view of the clutch of eggs

As already shown in a short post on my Facebook page yesterday, the great tit has finally given us a view of the nest and so we could also see how many eggs are already in the nest. So far, as of 04.04, there are 6 eggs. I don’t think the final number has been reached yet. There is certainly still room for 2 or 3 eggs.

In the morning we could observe something strange and maybe some of you wondered what the great tit had put in the nest. But no, it was not our great tit. A squirrel has misused the nest box as a “wild” rubbish dump.

Somehow the environment has it in for this nest box. Stealing tit, now a rubbish dump…. our great tit mum-to-be is not off to an easy start…

But she holds on bravely and doesn’t let herself be distracted. Keep it up…


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